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New Heavy goes to work on initial call
May 8 -  It was a bitter sweet day at Station 18. At approximately 730 pm, after more than two years of planning, building and in-servicing, the new Heavy Rescue was officially placed in service. Our old rig was sold in late January 2015. At that time, we purchased a reserve rescue from the Wissahickon Fire Department - Rescue 7.

This rig served our community flawlessly until yesterday when the equipment was officially transferred to the new heavy. This task was not a simple one. Crew worked the last nine days straight since the rig came home from the FDIC show in Indy. Hundreds of hours have been spent just in tool layout and mounting equipment by our volunteers.  This was in addition to the countless planning sessions, inspection trips and, oh yes, the fund raising activities to pay for this rig and all our other equipment. 

As we left the station around 8 pm  the question in everyone's mind was when will it make its maiden voyage. Unfortunately, there was no time wasted. At approximately 11pm R-18 and 18-9 were dispatched as part of the first alarm to a multi vehicle accident at mm 215s in Harford's first due. As we rolled out the door we could listen to the incident escalating into a serious event.

 It became apparent very quickly that the new heavy's first run was going to was going to put the vehicular accident planning phase of the rig to the test. Upon 18's arrival, the rescue went into a heavy deployment and went to work.

Overall the rig performed as it was designed and provided the crews with the tooling needed to save multiple lives in the accidents of today. 
Sadly, the outcome was not what we would hope. All though many were saved, there
were some who unfortunately did not. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.As for the efforts on scene - an outstanding job by all involved and a true example of teamwork.

New Rescue 18 in service
Welcome Home! The new heavy was on March 29. A huge thanks to all who made this replacement project possible. The rig went in service in May 8.

Car vs Tractor Trailor on Route 81

At 0303hrs R18, 18-9, HE4 and HA5 were dispatched to the 210.7 for a car vs. truck pulling a trailer with confirmed injuries in 18’s first due. While enroute crews encountered treacherous driving conditions. Chief 18-4 arrived to find a passenger vehicle vs tractor trailer underride. Command requested HE4 shut the interstate down at the 208 crossover to protect the crews and avoid additional accidents. R18 went into the scene and handled their duties while 18-9 and HA5 made the treck to Scranton transporting two. Both rigs would encounter more ice and accidents on their way. On the return trip, 18-9 was added to the multi-vehicle accident at the 199 mile marker

Ladder, Tanker and 18-9

Work at Lenox Twp. Box
On Sunday morning February 7, at approx. 0045hrs, L18, T18, and 18-9 would respond as part of the second alarm assignment for a working residential fire on the Glenwood Switch Road, Lenox Twp.  Upon arrival, L18 would be requested to the front of the building for master stream operations due to poor interior conditions.  Crews would split with one setting the truck while the other began exterior overhaul operations. T18 would join in the tanker shuttle and 18-9 stood by for EMS.  Crews worked for approximately  four hours before returning.

Car vs. Pole

On Friday afternoon Station 18 was dispatched for a car vs. pole with possible entrapment.  With the report, Lt18a added E24 and 24-9 to the run.  Units would arrive and find one vehicle into a pole with the occupant still in the vehicle with a large dumpster against the driver’s side.  Kozlowski Towing arrived along with the units from 18 and they quickly slid the dumpster away from the vehicle to allow better access.  One victim was transported and remainings units cleared.

Thoughts and Prayers

Marge Lynch, charter member of our Ladies Auxiliary recently passed away. Marge and her husband Steve (charter member of the fire company) were both instrumental in the Ladies Auxiliary and the fire company. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.


Acting Rescue 18
As many of you know, the Clifford Township Volunteer Fire Company takes a very proactive approach to outfitting our responders with the most up-to-date equipment to provide the best possible services to our community and surrounding areas that is fiscally possible.  In May 2014, a rescue committee was formed to begin design of a replacement heavy rescue vehicle. As the design continued to evolve at the committee level, the sale of our then heavy rescue truck was completed to Justus Vol. Fire Company in January.  To continue to provide all the services to the community in the interim, a reserve rescue was purchased from Wissahickon Fire Department near Ambler, Pa. This unit was placed into service on February 14th and is serving the community well as we await the new rescue. 
Structure Fire In Lenox
May 12 - At approximately 1435 hrs, the structure box was dispatched for a working garage fire on Ledger Road, Lenox Township in 18's first due. 18-12 arrived quickly reporting a 3 vehicle, single story plus detached garage well involved with partial collapse. L18 would arrive and crews would place (2) 1 3/4" lines and the 2 1/2" in-service. The assignment was held to the first alarm companies and 2nd alarm tankers along with 41-9 for rehab. Crews would open up and complete overhaul. Units worked approx. 2 1/2 hours on the job. Thanks to all for a job well done.

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