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Rescue assisting at Greenfield BVR
Tuesday evening the rescue provided resources at the BVR technician program being held at Station 24. 

Students in this segment of the technician program focus on hydraulic tool skills.

Departments from Lackawanna and Susquehanna county are involved in the program. 

Rescue and 18-9 work “Prom Promise” at Mt View
On Friday afternoon May 9, crews from Clifford, Harford and Hop Bottom participated in “Prom Promise” mock car accident at Mt View School.  The drill is focused on awareness of DUI and the safety of all motorist. Grades 11 and 12 observed the drill and met in the auditorium after for a question and answer period.  Nice job by all involved.

Two Car at 208
As the rescue was packing up from the fire, Station 18 along with E24 and 24-9 would be dispatched for a two car crash at mm208 northbound.  R36 and R59 would be on the move up due to R18 being committed.  Chief 18-3 would arrive finding two vehicles with no injuries.  18 and 24 would continue with the rest of the companies being returned.


L18 on 36 Box
Monday evening, December 16, L18 would be dispatched to a reported house fire on Rushbrook Rd, Scott Twp. while area 36 would already be handling a garage fire in the township.  Chief 24 would arrive and confirm a working house fire with unknown occupancy.  L18 would be first arriving placing (2) 1 ” attack lines in service along with arriving mutual aide companies.  Crews would be pulled from the building due to deteriorating conditions and the ladder pipe placed in service for a short time.  Crews would re-enter the building for overhaul.  E63 would be the water supply via tanker shuttle.  L18 would supply L58 with an additional 4”.  Crews would operate for approx. three hours in the single digit temperatures.
R-18, 18-9 on tractor 
trailer crash
On Saturday morning December 15, R18 and 18-9 were dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment to assist Harford with a MVA at mm 218southbound.  Upon arrival HE4 would report a tractor trailer over the embankment with two occupants still in the cab.  R18 would arrive go to work assisting with extrication of both victims and provide lighting.  18-9 would stand-by at scene until units packed up and cleared.  Good job by all involved.

Rescue on area 17 2nd alarm
On Saturday evening R18 would be dispatched as part of a 2nd alarm assignment in area 17 for the working structure fire.  R18 originally detailed to RIT would arrive and go to work assisting crews open up.  The rescue would operate for approximately 90 minutes.
Good stop on 1804 Box
At approx. 0310hrs Friday morning, the 1804 box would be transmitted for a working fire off SR2067.  Lt18 would arrive reporting a 1 story with fire on side B extending into the wall.  Chief 18-1 would establish the “Quarryhill command” requesting the ladder lay in and the tanker pick-up the lay.  L18 would drop 400’ of LDH and place one 1 ” in-service getting a quick knock on the fire.  Tanker 18 would pick-up the lay as the supply.  HE1 would establish a water supply in a nearby pond while E24, HT3 and R59 assisted with overhaul.   Command would returned the remainder of the box holding the units operating. Crews would spend approx. 90 minutes overhauling and wrapping up.
Rescue on fuel spill at the 204
Rescue 18 would be dispatched to assist area 24 on a hazmat at mm204 southbound in the early morning hours of January 28.  Communications advised of the commercial vehicle leaking fuel.  Rescue 18 would arrive to find a cargo vehicle that had struck the guardrail.  The force of the crash would rupture on of the fuel tanks.  The crew went to work inflating a containment device under the rigs fuel tank.  R18 and E24 would address the immediate area for additional containment needs.  The rescue would be released in approx. 1 hour.

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